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Welcome to Kassandra

Kassandra is the peninsula on Halkidiki and it is called the first finger in the region Macedonia in Northern Greece.
Kassandra is more tourist-oriented compared to Sithonia and Athos. The mix of green landscapes and clean beaches attract many visitors every year. The peninsula provides a great infrastructure and most residents are occupied in the touristic sector.
The peninsula Kassandra has everything you need for dreamy holidays. It benefits from versatile landscapes and villages with different characteristics and advantages. If you are looking for parties and beach bars, Kassandra has it. If you prefer to stay in a perfect fishing village or picturesque mountain village, focused on hiking tours and traditional taverns, Kassandra is also the right place to go.

Mostly seen nowadays as just a quick summer getaway destination for Thessaloniki residents, Kassandra has much more to offer than trendy beach bars, family seaside resorts, and luxury hotels. It is a tourist destination to be discovered little by little.

According to Greek mythology Halkidiki was the place where a huge battle took place, opposing Zeus and the other Olympian Gods to the Giants, children of Gaea (Mother Earth), and Uranus. The region of Flegra in Halkidiki -The Place of Fire- is where this epic battle occurred.

Tours in Kassandra