Image by Yasu Greece

Welcome to Sithonia

Sithonia is the middle peninsula between Kassandra and Athos. It can only be described as the best of Halkidiki – a peninsula located in Northern Greece. With almost 100 beaches, most of them have perfect white sand and some of the clearest waters in the world. Sithonia is a destination you will want to keep on your list for sure. Is around 130km from Thessaloniki, where the nearest international airport is. Sithonia is a secret gem of Greece.
The Seat of the municipality is Nikiti, located on the top of the peninsula and famous for its picturesque alleys and traditional stone buildings. Compared to the neighboring Kassandra-peninsula, Sithonia has a far larger area by less colonization. This means untouched landscapes defined by a large mountain in the center and many beaches, cliffs, and coves. Visitors can expect a stay in a marvelous environment, traditional villages, historic places, vast coastlines, hidden beaches, and the biggest natural harbor in Greece.

Sithonia is a paradise for relaxation but offers plenty of leisure activities. Nature – lovers can enjoy hiking tracks and exploration of unique – aesthetic places.

Sithonia is a perfect spot for explorers, true adventure lovers, and all of us who love to spend the summer holiday on wild beaches and breathe freedom in nature away from the chaos of the city, Barefoot on the sand, feeling the power of nature.

Tours in Sithonia